Mercer Retiree Information

How do I know if I qualify as a Mercer retiree?

A benefits-eligible employee is recognized as a retiree when the employee separates on good terms (not for cause), has indicated they are retiring from the University and meets the following requirements:

  • An employee with at least five years of service, a minimum age of 55 and whose age plus service equals 70; or
  • An employee with at least five years of service, a minimum age of 55 and who has been granted disability retirement benefits from the University-sponsored disability plan or full disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

Can I keep my Mercer email after I retire?

If you are a qualified Mercer retiree, you have the option to keep your Mercer email address. To do so,  please send your request to as soon as possible prior to your retirement date.  For information on how to set up your email on a personal computer or device, please visit the IT website.  If you do not submit your request to keep your email, your account will be deleted after your retirement date. 

If you are not a qualified retiree, free email accounts can be made using a variety of platforms such as Gmail, ProtonMail and more.

Will my Bear Card still work?

Your current, regular employee Bear Card will no longer work after your retirement date. However, if you are a qualified Mercer retiree, you are eligible for a retiree Bear Card which can be obtained by contacting Auxiliary Services at 478-301-2741 (Macon) or 678-547-6144 (Atlanta).

What access do I have with a Retiree Bear Card?

Retiree Bear Cards provide access to both Tarver and Swilley libraries, the University Center, campus gates, the UC fitness center in Macon, Sheffield fitness center in Atlanta, and any additional locations requested by your department.

Can I keep my access to other software/applications?

Unfortunately, Microsoft and Zoom have their own policies concerning licenses and access and they do not allow Mercer to provide access after an employee leaves the university. As such, after your retirement, you will no longer have access to Zoom, Microsoft Office or OneDrive. 

However, you can create a free Zoom account using a non-Mercer email address by going to In addition, you can access Microsoft Office in a limited capacity for free or purchase a full personal license by going to

Can I still access the fitness center in the University Center?

Qualified Mercer retirees can access the fitness center for a yearly fee of $144.  However, Emeriti faculty and their spouse can access the fitness center at no cost. To set up a plan or for further questions regarding fitness center access, please contact Pam Johnston at

Can I still utilize the Tarver and Swilley libraries when I retire?

Yes! All qualified retirees and Emeriti faculty are eligible for community cards to access the physical collections. However, access to the digital collection is limited to Emeriti faculty, current faculty, and students. To obtain a community card, please bring a photo ID to the Circulation Desk at either library to complete paperwork and receive your community card.

I am a retiring faculty member, but I’m going to continue teaching as an adjunct faculty member. How can I make sure that my access remains?

If you are continuing to work past the length of your contract or will continue working as an adjunct faculty member within 6 months of your last regular day of work, your Dean’s office will need to submit the Intent to Reinstate Form to Human Resources in advance of your last regular day of work to prevent any interruption to your access.

I have a TIAA account or have general questions about my Benefits. How can I get more information?

For questions related to retirement benefits, please contact the Benefits office at or review the information on the Retirement section of the Benefits website

I am a qualified retiree and would like to be recognized at the annual Retirement and Recognition Ceremony. Who should I contact about participating in the ceremony?

Please contact Beverly Little in Human Resources no later than March 1st for that year's ceremony.  You can reach her at or by phone at 478-301-2786.  In addition, we always love to see our past retirees at these ceremonies every year!  You will receive an invitation from Human Resources to let you know the dates of the ceremonies each year, so we hope you will make plans to join us.